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Exhibits 2008

Mrs. Millett's Hats

Mahone Bay Hats from 1910 to 1950

Janet Croft Millett (1861-1948) started a hat shop in Mahone Bay in the 1880's and continued in the Millinery business on into the 1940's.

Mrs. Millets Hats
Mrs. Millett's Hats

In the exhibit we combined a wide range of hats from as early as the 1910's to the 1950's. Along with a wide range of exquisite hat pins, accessories and historical photographs, such as a photograph of Mrs. Janet Millett herself as a young woman at the peak of her hat making career.


Vanishing Schoolhouses

of the Mahone Bay Area

Vanishing Schools of Mahone Bay area
Vanishing Schoolhouses of the Mahone Bay Area

A display on the many different old schoolhouses of this area to complement the April 2008 publication of History of the Mahone Bay School which is for sale in the museum shop. This exhibit proved to be very popular and is continued for the 2009 season.


Historic Bed Linens

a Clearland Collection

Historic Bed Linens
Historic Bed Linens

The Settlers Museum received a remarkable donation of bed linen, including a heavy linen 'tick' intended to be stuffed with straw to serve as a mattress. These came from the attic of an old house in Clearland associated with the Lantz family. There was a time in the mid-1800s when every farm in Lunenburg County grew some flax and produced their own linen but by the 1870s commercially produced cotton became more available and people put their heavy grey home-spun and woven linen to other uses, or, as in the case of the Lantzs, in the attic. Ordinary functional items generally get used up and so the survival of these lovely pristine bed linens is quite remarkable!


Alice Hagen

A Mahone Bay Treasure

Alice Hagen was a pivotal figure in Nova Scotia ceramic history. As a young girl she was introduced to china painting, which was an integral part of the education and refinement of many young Victorian ladies. Alice's talent in this area soon was obvious and she went as far a field as New York to study. She taught many Nova Scotian women and won awards and accolades for her work.

Alice Hagan
Alice Egan Hagen, A Mahone Bay Treasure


Percy, The Collector

The Inglis Quinlan China Collection

Percy Inglis The Collector
Percy, The Collector

The exhibit featured items from the collection, with a focus on Percy Inglis as a collector - how he found his items, who they belonged to, why they were important to him. Beautiful sets of china, as well as individual pieces, tell their stories through letters Percy both wrote and received, as well as other historical sources.


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